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XDISC Origins

We thought it would be a great idea to design a flying disc built around a replica of the Great Pyramid.
"A flying pyramid! What!?"
That would look like a UFO! How cool would that be? Right? But the results just blew us away! XDISC is the most aerodynamic, the most fascinating, new gaming object and flying disc - we think - created in a long, long time. In fact, we found we just couldn’t put it down.
“Hey, look what I can do with this thing!”
“Oh yeah? Well, check this out!”
And we hadn’t even gone outside to fly it yet! Suddenly, we all realized at the same time our novelty disc is really A TOTALLY NEW WAY TO GAME! A TOTALLY NEW WAY TO FLY!
We were blown away! XDISC is as much fun indoors as it is to fly XDISC outdoors! The XDISC design integrates beaucoup aerodynamic principles that make it a truly sweet flying disc! XDISC has super stable, accurate flight and because the sloping wing design provides perfect hand position - built in - it’s SUPER EASY TO THROW! When you fly XDISC, you’ll easily create your own, awesome freestyle moves!
Spin it. Believe it.

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Xaipros, Inc and the PYRA-DISC/STARDISC

XDISC is the one and only direct descendent of the PYRA-DISC, later called STARDISC, a favorite gaming disc of kids in the Rocky Mountain Region in the late 1970's and early 80's. The US Utility Patent for those trademarked names introduced center-pivot flying discs to the world in 1978. Several other center-pivot designed discs followed the success of Pyra-Disc, but none of those designs could use a concave flight-plate or four-sided pyramid, because those all-important features were protected by a US Utility Patent. Consequently, those discs never matched the easy flying and versatile gaming possibilities of the concave flight-plate and four-sided pyramid center structure design of PYRA-DISC/STARDISC. The company marketing PYRA-DISC/STARDISC for the patent holder fell into hard times in 1982, and PYRA-DISC/STARDISC was one of the casualties.

That was over 35 years ago...

Now, the original patent holder of the PYRA-DISC/STARDISC has brought the design back, updating it's performance and obtaining new patents and trademarks. We began marketing XDISC in 2012 through a new company, Ai Productions, Inc. The company name was changed to Xaipros, Inc., in 2015. It has been awesome to hear from so many grown kids, now adults, who loved PYRA-DISC/STARDISC. More than a few still have theirs, saved over the years from a time long ago. Xaipros, Inc., is proud to continue the tradition and improve upon the PYRA-DISC/STARDISC legacy with XDISC.


PYRA-DISC received special attention the year it was introduced to the market and audiences around the US. The PYRA-DISC was inducted with a Honorable Mention at the 2nd Annual Arango International Design Competition, in the Educational Toys category.

Exhibition Dates and Info about the Second ARANAGO DESIGN COMPETITION:
1979 (March 8 – April 15) Lowe Art Museum, University of Miami, Coral Gables, FL
1979 ( June 15 – September 9 ) Renwick Gallery of the National Collection of Fine Arts, Smithsonian Institution, Washington D.C.

Second ARANGO DESIGN FOUNDATION design competition “reflected the international concern for child education and development in keeping with the U.N. designated 1979 as “Year of the Child”.

Arango Design Foundation

Xaipros, Inc., is proud to continue the tradition and improve upon the PYRA-DISC legacy with XDISC .

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